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  1. While any sociological research has political ramifications, avoiding a mention of it because of those political ramifications seems... well, un-Trek-like.
  2. Moderated Comment on the Law Enforcement thread.

    Please be advised that your recent comment;

    Has been reported as a political comment. This has been reveiwed by the Moderator panel (as it is my own/moderator led thread, I felt I could not justifiably moderate this alone) . It has been agreed that this comment is in context to the discussion, & we believe the use of the word 'currently' is the issue here.

    There will be no infraction or moderation of the comment, but as author of the post in question, we felt that you should be made aware of this issue, and we need to ensure that all discussion remains bound into trek terminology only.
  3. i thought it was policy to move political threads to the appropriate forum, rather than lock them...
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