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  1. Couple more

    Here are a couple more things. Attempts to create some of them have already been carried out about half a century ago.
    From the latest news, Rolls Royce (who would have thought) together with the UK...
  2. Why are there no popular films about space engineers?

    A few decades ago, during the space race, everyone dreamed of becoming astronauts. Now the progress of the space industry is even more evident. The same topic about astronauts is gaining popularity....
  3. Replies


    Diets are definitely effective. But most people think that after completing the diet, nothing else needs to be done. I'll tell you what helped me.
    First: a rigid diet for a month.
    Remove sugar,...
  4. Thread: The Martian

    by TommyJo

    Several space companies promise us landing people...

    Several space companies promise us landing people on Mars within 10-15 years. But the statistics of unmanned flights are depressing. More than 50% of missions were unsuccessful at one stage or...
  5. One more thing that I think is worthy

    The relatively young company Skyrora received the Leif Erikson Award in Iceland. As we know Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. Therefore, for me, the fact of...
  6. I've found new one

    Space Tug. The space tug is one of the things of fantasy. Now we have real manufacturers of such things. The space tug can deliver cargo from the launch vehicle to the ISS, higher orbit, move...
  7. What technologies from films exist in reality?

    Let's discuss. What achievements of mankind do you know that have already passed into the real world? I know about photon torpedoes. The simpler ones are automatic translators. What else is there...
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