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Thread: Vhortai Class Romulan Timebird [CODA-SS]

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    Vhortai Class Romulan Timebird [CODA-SS]

    I needed this ship for the first episode of my series (which has since lost all it's players)). Since someone else may be able to use it (and in the interests of getting thoughts, this being my first ship design), I present to you a conversion of the Vhortai class Romulan Timebird (from LUG's 'All Our Yesterdays' supplement). Space costs are in [ and ].

    Vhortai class Romulan Timebird (Frigate)
    Commissioned: Mid-24th Century
    Hull Data:
    Structure: 20
    Size: 5 [0/70 Space]
    Length/Height/Beam: 235.87 m/160 m/53.3 m
    Complement: 250

    Tactical Data:
    Disruptor Banks: RPFD-3 x2 (B) [10]
    Penetration: 4/4/4/0/0
    Plasma Torpedos: RPT-3 Plasma x1 (B) [10]
    Penetration: 5/4/3/2/1
    Deflector Shield: CIDSS-3 [9]
    Protection/Threshold: 15/1

    Propulsion Data:
    Impulse Systems: FIG-2 (0.9c) [4]
    Warp System: Type 5C5 (Warp 5/8/9.2) [7]

    Operational Data:
    Atmosphere Capable: No
    Cargo Units: 50
    Cloaking Device: Class 4 [8]
    Life Support: Class 2 [4]
    Operations System: Class 3 (D) [5]
    Sensor System: Class 4 (+4/+3/+2/+1/0, E) [4]
    Shuttlebay: 1 ad [2]
    Shuttlecraft: 5 size worth
    Tractor Beams: 1 av
    Transporters: 2 standard, 2 emergency, 2 cargo

    Miscellaneous Data:
    Maneuver Modifiers: +1C, +2H, +1T
    Traits: Blind Luck (Warp Drive, Transporters), Battle-Scarred (Warp Drive, Transporters) [10]

    Fleet Data: See page 103, All Our Yesterdays by LUG

    Comments: Taking a page from the Borg Timesphere in Starships, I used the Blind Luck trait to represent the Chronal Drive, and likewise used it to represent the Temporal Transporter that the craft is equipped with. A few minor aspects were sacrificed for lack of space, but I think I caught the important parts. Any thoughts?

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    Blind Luck only applies to individual ships, not classes, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Seems like a good conversion from what I can remember withoiut checking... I did like that ship

    the Blind Luck edge can be applied to a class, since Borg ships relly on it, however I'm not sure if it's specifically right in this case.. I.e. the Borg are exceptionally good at getting through your shields with their transporters, however you can get round that problem.. when they fail their roll... In the same case of the Chronal drive system, I think it's meant to represent that the Borg don't use time travel much, or understand it well, so there was a little bit of blind luck instead of being a reliable mechanism.

    You could probably just build a system called 'Chronal Drive' as a prototype edge to your warp system, but yes as you say it is a rather packed ship in the system! LUG never had to worry about space like that!
    Ta Muchly

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    Thanks for the clarification Tobian.
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