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Thread: TNG Supporting Cast Writeups

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    TNG Supporting Cast Writeups

    Hey all, me again.

    Thought I'd throw another bit of my unofficial TNG netbook against the wall for public consumption. I give what I have written of my Supporting Cast chapter featuring the following:

    Ves Alkar, Ardra, Armus, B-4, Ba'El, Arctus Baran, Barash, Morgan Bateson, B'Etor, Bok, the Borg Queen, Ira Graves, Mark Jameson, Korris, Lore, Lutan, Jenice Manheim, James Moriarty, Thadiun Okona, Q, Gregory Quinn, Dexter Remmick, the Traveler, Lwaxana Troi, and Zorn.

    Opinions welcome.
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    Coolness. I havent' looked yet, because I am engrossed in the three hours of sci fi friday (SG1, SGA, BSG), but thanks for the info, I'll take a quick peak during commercials!


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    Nicely done, Chris!
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    Awsome, i will give it a once over when I get the chance, but that could be really useful!
    Ta Muchly

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