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Thread: Romulan Ship Recognition Manual NOW AVAILABLE!

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    Romulan Ship Recognition Manual NOW AVAILABLE!

    At long last, the fabled Starship Recognition Manual - Volume Five: Ships of the Romulan Star Empire is available for download. It is time for those who fly under the raptor's wings to go forth, and gain glory for people and Praetor!

    Get it at Memory ICON or

    Thanks and Notes and Things
    Thanks to Steve Long for taking time out of HERO-ing to finish this up (he got his copy before anyone else, in case you were wondering) and to Owen and Cpt. Lundgren for hosting the files. The delay in the layout was entirely my fault (I'm still not sure where the original file is...) but I'm also glad I got the chance to redo it.

    I haven't been conversant in the details of Spacedock for years, so feel free to note any apparent errors and discrepancies. Likewise, any layout problems–except for the italics on page 4. I know about those. Don't ask.
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    Cool, thanks

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    That was a great surprise to find when I got home from work. I haven't read it yet, but flipped through it quickly, will read later tonight after dinner.

    The layout looked great.

    I will up date Valdore-class Battle cruiser & Norexan-class Warbird when I get more time.

    Thanks Steve and the rest of you who put work in on it.

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    Layout on this one looks really sharp, Chris. Nice work!
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    Perfect Timing!

    This was, to be honest, a welcome surprise. I have to complement those involved - the rules and ships are quite good, and the timing was great, too - I was just about to start a Romulan-focused campaign, and this will give me even more ships to involve in it, plus Spacedock stats for the ship I was considering using (Meret class - I love that ship).

    My thanks to all involved,

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    I haven't gone through it all yet, but it looks pretty good, fromnt he quick look I took, the layout looks very crisp, well done!
    Ta Muchly

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    Long awaited and well worth the wait

    On a practical note: Nice layout, good information and goods ships.

    More targets heehee!
    It makes sense? How did that happen?

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    And now.. the release of Duke Nukem Forever! ;P

    Looks great.. will go over it in more detail later this week, but I've got my OWN crap to go through first!

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    I just want to say...

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    Thanks for all your hard work everyone. The new SRM is great!!!

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    I could not hardley wait for it to finish down loading, it is SSSSSSOOOOOO GOOD!!!

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    Thanx for the kind words!

    Right now that looks like the last of the SRMs. I had ideas for several others, the next one being about starbases and space stations, but I have done almost no work on 'em and at this point lack the time to write any more (and even if I did, I'd need to use the time to write more Hero books that I can make money from ). But hopefully five or six books' worth of ships is enough for most folx.
    Steve Long
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    I don't know too many game designers who would have done six whole gamebooks for free! Steve, you are ([Stewie mode] Oh, blast, what the duece do the kids say these days? [/Stewie mode]) DA MAN!!!

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    romulan ship recognition manual - now available!

    i have to agree. this is quite the labor of love for all those invovled and it has rekindled my interest in a couple of trek games i used to play. to those of you who currently support these ebooks , i thank you for your efforts.

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    IT'S DONE!!!!

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU Mr. Long! This has been much awaited by myself. It is an excellent piece of work. Many thanks for the time and effort you've clearly put into this, and to any coworkers you've had.

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