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Thread: Question for DecTrek designers

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    Post Question for DecTrek designers

    Hey, I wasn't able to grab any info from, so I thought I'd pose the question to those in the know...

    I was kicking around the idea of submitting artwork to Decipher assuming they plan on using original art in addition to photos for the new Trek RPG. Do you know if they have submission guidelines (writing and/or art)for the game, or will the art all be in-house?

    Thanks in advance for any help, guys.


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    Decipher has a cutting-edge digital imaging and processing center, plus tons of Star Trek images, so you’re right: The amount of artwork will be limited.

    Most companies will not accept unsolicited manuscripts/artwork and I am presuming you have no prior credits in the RPG field.

    With that said, the person you want to speak with is George Vasilakos, art director for the RPG and Miniatures Division of Decipher (and part owner of Eden Studios). His Eden e-mail is

    Good luck and no name dropping, please.


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    No, that's Foundation Imaging that did CG works on VOYAGER and some of DS9.

    Eden Studio is a game company that George owned(?).

    Anyhoo, just some random thoughts...

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    Eden, the guys who did the FX work on Voyager?

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    In the seventh season of voyager, another company, Eden FX, did some of the CGI work.

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