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Thread: About to Start a New ST ICON Campaign

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    Greets everyone!

    I have been plotting and planning a new ST game with a lot of my old and recently purchased off EBay (and thank goodness for them, else the game would have died in infancy).

    New ship, new characters, a few new gamers and a few old timers...and a lot of possibilities. I will be sharing GM duties with a couple good people.

    It is Post Dominion War, focusing in and around the Bajor Sector.

    I would love it if I could find some of those fan based Race books we all love to hear about could be borrowed, begged or...well not stolen but distributed.

    The Klingon Book is great, and I will have to check all that out.

    If there is a possibility of getting a look at the Cardassian bood too, well I would be mucho gratefull.

    And, as always, advice and suggestions will be great too.


    COL Mark West
    USS Regulator NCC 73337

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    The Cardassian book is up at Memory Icon. RPGnet thread on the whole postDW thing here.
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