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Thread: mid 2007 role-call

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    mid 2007 role-call

    OK, lets see how busy we are. Who is still hanging out in here, check in and let us all know who is listening to our mutterings.

    obviously this means that i am hanging on in here.
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    Well, I'm still regularly reading the forums.. posting is on a more irregular basis, though.

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    I pop in daily to see what's going on and post once in a while.

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    I try to at least look at the forums daily, not sure how much im gonna be posting: Just got hired as a full time employee at the plant, going to 3rd shift and there is an ominus memo on the board at work that states we will be 'very busy' this summer, that we expect to 'work every weekend' , and will be working on the 4th (oh, they did not just take Transformers away from me!)
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    Still checking here at least once a day, and posting when I have the time and inspiration.
    And I still hope some day I'll have enough time (work has really been hard this year) to pop my head back in the forum RPG thread.
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    I'm reading the forums at least once a day, and posting intermittently. Haven't done any Trek roleplaying in a while, still hoping to run a campaign using the Spirit of the Century rules (perhaps on RPOL).
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    I am here several times a day. *waves around*
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    I am here nearly every day as well... and I like to come here as often as I can.
    Just some time ago I joined the club of 1.000 post members

    I am still a student but have to work more than before, because I have to pay higher fees at university than before... So less time on the internet for me in the near future and for gaming as well.

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    I still check in once or twice a workday, and occasionally on weekends. I post irregularly now, since I'm busy working on my publishing project.
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    I am actually a Cylon.
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    I'm here when I'm not somewhere else.

    Unless it's not me. Then I don't know that.
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    I visit daily and post when I can add anything to a topic - being more knowledable of Lord of the Rings, posting has become more rare. We had a nice run there for a bit when Feanorgil was making a bunch of inquiries... but quiet again.

    Anyway, I am intrigued with the new BSG thread - I have always thought that would be a neat genre to RP in.


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    I'm here about everyday.Still running my Dominion War FASA rules game.

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    well going on 8 years now and still puttering about every so often, posting in even less but still breathing
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    I stop by once or twice a day and post rough once a month I think .

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