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Thread: Which System Do You Use?

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    Which System Do You Use?

    Ok, just wondering with the plethora of systems which one do you use, and why? I use the Decipher system because it is easy to use, seemingly quick, and I like the support that it recieved while it was out - and the starship combat which I use some additions to.


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    Woo Hoo ! I brought the results up to 125% !!! ICON MUST rule !

    I like ICON best all around (with some exceptions of course) for my tastes.
    I see the good parts of the other systems (and they do all have them, from FASA on) as being adaptable to improve some of the ICON flaws.
    Call me jaded or hard-headed or such but Decipher just had a little too much similarity to D20 for my liking.
    I didn't relish the prospect of "Prestige Classes Manual 3,614: Starfleet in 2265 and a half" or "Special Abilities manual 1,243: Ferengi" assuming the game line had lived on. I realize sales and such would indicate a lot of people do like D20 and similar systems, its just not to my taste.
    To each their own.
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    Icon is still one of the best systems I know. It is fast, balanced and easy to learn. I very much dislike level-based systems, especially for Sci-Fi settings, therefore I don't like the character rules of CODA, although the starship rules are very good.
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    I worked for Section 31 and all I got was this stupid T-shirt!


    ICON is my current choice, but i have had good experiences with CODA as well.

    I think my biggest problem with the CODA book is the players guide, which takes character creation to seven-levels of more complication than it needs. If it wasn't for the kick-ass cheat sheet that someone did, it would drive me insane.

    Of course, both systems are very close together, the classes issue in CODA is no more of a barrier than the classes in ICON, but I have been accused of ignorance several times - and I don't play that much d20 material.

    Back to compatibility, I believe that Worlds would plug into ICON with little effort, and if you change a few DN's across, you are good to go with most of the material. The fluff in both games is excellent.

    However, I still prefer ICON - it is what I used in the past, and since CODA is younger - it is too be feared. Like the kids I throw beer bottles at playing in the backyard...

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    Currently when I run Trek I use my own Savage Worlds homebrew. I've played all the other systems and ran my longest campaign using Icon. I ran Coda once, I think. I may have liked it better if I used it more. Savage Worlds suits me at the moment because I can knock up characters in five minutes flat. I have a soft spot for all the systems produced so far and will no doubt pick up whichever system comes next


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    I worked for Section 31 and all I got was this stupid T-shirt!
    Hello Renny

    Would you mind throwing up a sample savage worlds trek character? I would like to see one.


    - I also would buy whatever system comes out next - I am that type of gaming whore. Ask Queeg or Dan G.

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    I use none of the ones listed.I use FASA.Tryed to do a CODA,but my players didn't want to switch.

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    Why are there only 5 listed? : P
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    Not that I've been playing much Trek these past years, but I mostly like CODA, with ICON having nice ideas. Actually, I played most of my games with ICON, and they went on indefinite hiatus soon after switching to CODA.
    So I voted both
    I love CODA die system and starship rules, and I like ICON renown rules and personal combat system.
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    Still with ICON, a smidgeon of Homebrew, and a slathering of Spacedock.

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    I will give it a shot in any system right now.

    You know prehaps the new Social Groups might be a way to tag user with which Star Trek Game System they use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian K View Post
    Hello Renny

    Would you mind throwing up a sample savage worlds trek character? I would like to see one.


    I'll throw up one as well.

    Savage Worlds Vulcans

    Strength- d8
    Smarts- d6
    Edge- Hard to kill
    Cautious (Minor Flaw)
    Pacifist (Minor Flaw)
    Quirk – Logical (Minor Flaw)
    Quirk – Elitism (Minor Flaw)
    Quirk – Humorless (Minor Flaw)

    Edge – Vulcan Nerve Pinch: Touch attack to the neck which causes unconsciousness for 1d6 hrs
    Edge – Mind Meld: Mental probe of another’s mind that requires contact.

    Vulcan Science Officer

    Agility- d6
    Smarts- d10
    Spirit- d6
    Strength- d8
    Vigor- d6

    Pace- 6
    Parry- 4
    Toughness- 5
    Charisma- 0


    Fighting d4
    Investigation d6
    Knowledge (Computers) d6
    Knowledge (Electronics) d4
    Knowledge (Science) d10
    Notice d6
    Piloting d4
    Repair d4
    Shooting d4

    Edge - Science Officer. Adds +2 to all science rolls. Each career in starfleet would get a similar edge geared for them in my game. It would be free.
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    I worked for Section 31 and all I got was this stupid T-shirt!
    Interesting. I picked up the explorer's edition for the game, and have mixed feelings about it.

    I never thought it would catch the feeling of Trek as well as the other systems have.

    As for FASA Trek, I found a box full of old books for this. It was like coming home to an old friend

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    I'm another of those that have stuck with and continue to use the FASA system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spshu View Post
    You know prehaps the new Social Groups might be a way to tag user with which Star Trek Game System they use.
    You know, that might just work, he says, going to the Social Groups section of his Control panel and joining one....

    (Oh, and I'm primarily a CODA guy with very fond memories of FASA.)
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