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Thread: Angmar (MERP)

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    Angmar (MERP)

    Has anyone read the MERP supplement Angmar?

    How useful would it be to adapt to a Coda LOTR campaign based on the years just before events in Lord of the Rings and after the Hobbit?

    I was thinking of adapting it to a follow-up campaign based on the Decipher LOTR adventures House of Margil & Carangul's Alliance.

    Would the Angmar book have a lot of material one could use for such a campaign?

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    Yea, Angmar is good. If you can get Arnor too, you'll have all the resources you'd want for a solid northern campaign. I use both of these books for my Chronicles of the North campaign (formerly the Triumph of the Witch-king).

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    They are downloadable at the site now.
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