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Thread: To Canon Or Not To Canon (Damn The Canon! Full Speed Ahead!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyg View Post
    Basically TV show creators have big egos.
    They have to, otherwise who are they to decide what these characters are doing each week? : P
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tatterdemalion King View Post
    They have to, otherwise who are they to decide what these characters are doing each week? : P
    Not to mention battling it out with Studio executives who think they know how to do it better.

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    I am in the process of developing my own Star Trek based universe. That way I can mix and match what I want from the different movies and television shows and throw in a few things from other sources including my own mind. I like TOS uniforms, but I like the ship selection of the TNG era, but I still want a few of the older models to be viable setting sources. Before I update my OS last time, I had vamped up several older ships and nerfed a few newer ships using Spacedock, but unfortunately, I didn't properly backup all my data and my redesigns were lost.

    I have been taking WEG Star Wars species and converting them to ICON, but I have obtained some more source material since, and I am planning to go back through and redo my conversions. I am mainly being slowed down by a recent decision to return to college.

    In addition, I have created and modified several overlays and redefining a couple of Star Trek concepts that I am having trouble working with.

    Clearly, I am not a big fan of canon. In fact, in game design, I follow that there is official, unofficial, and Ronofficial. Ronofficial is always the trump, and my real name is Ron.

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