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Thread: How far we have come!

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    Smile How far we have come!

    I have been so busy myself these days it has been hard to follow through with things I have committed myself to on this board. It being a beautiful day and as sunburnt as I am I have spent it indoors going trhough my things.

    What I discovered was

    1. I have all the published LOTR RPG Material ....wonderful I am still upset that the line was never finished.

    2. BY the Grace of the Valar!!!!!
    - I have three versions of the Compendium by Heren Turambarion- A german lad who should be commended like many other's here for such wonderful work.
    - I posses the the above author's modified combat rules

    - The Necromancy Supplement ( awesome piece of work )
    - 50 + issues of the Hall of Fire .....Give the team a medal.. or really good pipeweed and fireworks.

    We have such an increadble treasure of rich material that people have put at our disposal. To a game that embraces the works of an author who has inspired us. Despite decipher's unpleasant demise ... it is still our game. And we keep it alive.

    I want to say thank you to all those who made the effort and keep the flame. Also I want to apologize for my recalitrant conduct.

    Bless all ...
    the roads goes ever on..... so buy a volvo!

    "don't tell the elf"-Gimili at the Hornburg LOTR TTT

    What about second breakfast?- Pippin, LOTR FOTR

    "My precious"- my treo 700 phone/PDA

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    I second that!

    The fans of this game have been awesome! The materials that were produced here have far exceeded my expectations. I honestly believe that this game system will be around for quite some time!

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    Don't forget about the "Other Minds" webzine:


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