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    Hero Lab

    Lone Wolf Development has come up with a program for PC called "Hero Lab" for character generation. I've used it for Mutants & Masterminds and quite like it. They have datasets for d20, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds and 4E now.

    They also recently included an "Authoring Kit" so that users can make a character generator for other game systems. I was wondering if anyone has tried this for the Coda system. I'm not really much of a computer guy.

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    If someone has or is willing to do this, I'll be happy to host copies of the dataset. I might even buy the software to use the dataset.
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    Thumbs up

    Actually, I may be taking a swing at this.

    The recent move has kind of reawoken the Trek Spirit and Herolab is a great tool

    I'll keep folks updated...


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    Cool, I might take a look into that myself. Sounds a very useful general purpose engine!
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    Link, please?
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    Has anybody tried to make a dataset for Herolab?

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    Any news on getting the HeroLab datafiles made? I'd really love to see this happen.

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