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Thread: Prime Directive d20 Modern Edition

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    Prime Directive d20 Modern Edition

    Just recently acquired this. Not really a review, but wanted to note the quality is up orders of magnitude from the original Prime Directive d20. The original version seemed to be an awkward conversion of GURPS into d20 - skill packages, races that didn't quite follow d20 conventions (i..e odd ability score modifiers, etc.)

    There's still a few wrinkles (I can't imagine why anyone would want to play a human - Alpha Centurans seem to have all the advantages and more) but it a far, far more solid system than its predecessor. If you're looking for a d20 version of Prime Directive (or some series of tv shows and movies that seem similar to it...) you wouldn't be disappointed.
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    I've got the regular d20 edition, and the GURPS for some reason ( i think i was going to try and figure out the system at the time), but now that I see that there's a Modern d20 edition, the completest in me wants that too.

    Although I'd probably not spend more money for the same basic game again, maybe wait for the d20M Fed book they say is coming this month...
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