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Thread: Excel Character Sheet?

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    Excel Character Sheet?

    Is there an Excel Character sheet out there?

    Please and Thank you.

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    i created one a long time ago, i dont remember if i still have it on my site or not. i had been working on a comprehensive generator for the game in Java after being frustrated with Excel but once again a failed mission.
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    My group has some, one for smart phones* and one for computers, I will track them down.

    * yes, I have a player who shows up with nothing other than a smart phone.
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    My online character sheets work great for players who want to have their PC's go wherever they are. You can pull up the interactive sheets on a computer, tablet or smart phone and edit as needed throughout your game night.

    The URL is:

    Here is a sample PC:

    I have sheets for CODA LOTR and Star Trek, as well as others.

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