These guidelines are by no means 'complete', we cannot cover any possible incident or occurrence. But the spirit of these guidelines should be clear: to help keeping the discussions polite and respectful. while helping to avoid some of the misunderstandings that tend to happen in a text based medium as this.

Off topic posts have a big possibility to lead to thread drifts. When thread drift happen, posts on the original topic are often ignored. There is also the added problem that people who would be interested in the new topic won't be able to see that there is such discussion going on as it is hidden within another thread.

Options to posting in the original thread is to make a new thread. A link to the old thread can always be placed in the new thread, and a post linking to the new thread can always be put into the old thread.

Posting to an old thread is acceptable if it does contribute to the thread. Do not for example try to answer to a question about a simple rule that someone made months ago. Most likely, the poster has got the answer elsewhere, or can bump the thread. On the other hand, if you want the answer to the same question, and it has not been answered already, you can express you interest in a reply.

Please refrain from two-word replies, like "I agree" or "I disagree" to an old post. We are interested in discussion, so if you actually do agree or disagree, tell the other users why and thus enrich the debate.

Achieving consensus between everyone can't be a goal of a thread. We all have different opinions and expectations. So once you stated your opinion and arguments, please do not press them on and just repeat them. Clarifications or explanations are in order, of course.

Keep it civil. In general, if it fits a Trek episodes it fits the boards. Also, as only a few have been issued an universal translator, and we are fresh out of babel fishes, keep the general discussion to English.

When writing a negative post about something, write it from an "I think..."/"In my opinion..." perspective.

Any discussions about modern day politics are to be kept to the part of the forum called Sarek's Lounge. Discussion about politics and religion within Star Trek and Middle Earth are allowed.

First ask the moderator for a clarification. But remember we are all just human here, i.e. we can make mistakes and we do have real lives to cope with, therefore please wait a reasonable amount of time for a reply. If there still is a disagreement, talk to the administrator.