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Thread: The Hunt for Gollum fan film

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    The Hunt for Gollum fan film

    Pix & teaser trailer for the upcoming LOTR fan film: The Hunt for Gollum:

    Looks impressive considering the incredibly tiny budget they had. Look forward to seeing the full film in 2009.

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    Yeah. Looks nice indeed. The official site can be found on

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    Also, found this link:
    It's another fan film in the making. It's a bigger project though.
    It's about the parents of Aragorn, Arathorn and Gilraen and the struggle of the last Dundain in the north in general. It looks pretty good as well.

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    You can achieve a lot with people who know prosthetics and decent editing software...
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    The final film is now available online for free. It's really good.

    The Hunt for Gollum

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    Since I don't have much time right now, I just skipped through it (for the moment!), but I an already say - it looks incredible! Absolutely great work beyound anything I have seen so far. It looks not only professional, but it obviously is. Thanks for sharing the link and I look forward watching the whole movie, especially since Aragorn is one of my childhood heroes.
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    VERY nicely done! Except for the different actors, you would think this could be unused footage from the LoTR films!

    And they say that the Star Trek and Star Wars fans are mad to make fan films!
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    Not bad at all, enjoyed seeing something new LOTR related after all these years, hard to believe it been close to 7 years now.
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