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Thread: Helms and Two-handed weapons

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    Helms and Two-handed weapons


    I sure hope I'm not asking the obvious or oft-covered, but my search of the forums (and Hall of Wiki) didn't turn up anything about helms. I've looked in my core book and the others, and I cannot find any rules for wearing helms - effects in the game, types, weight etc. Are they just assumed to be part of one's armour? Would using a helm affect the stun rules from pg. 232 of the core book?

    About two-handed attack from pg. 228 of the core book - It says that his applies to one-handed weapons used with two hands. Does this also apply to two-handed weapons (e.g. a mattock)? Would they also have an action cost of 2 and get the +2 to hit and +4 damage. I assumed not, but if there is a ruling on it, I'd appreciate the info.

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    I don't recall anything about helms, but I suppose that you could house-rule something about stuns.

    I believe that the bonus for damage is already factored into the stats for two-handed weapons. The drawback for them is that they require two hands to wield and that they weigh more and are harder to conceal, so the action penalty isn't necessary. I don't know if there's an "official" ruling on it, but I believe that's the general take.

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