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Thread: Star Trek: The Hive War (Modified Neo-TOS)

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    Star Trek: The Hive War (Modified Neo-TOS)

    Ok... first our setting takes place in a modified TOS era. First Contact happened, Enterprise happened, Nero imploded Vulcan in our reality.

    Our ship is an older ship... it's an late NX era ship. She looks like an NX-ified Sovereign... in fact she's a MONARCH class ship. I'll host and post the orthos tomorrow


    In this timeframe she is mostly outdated but has been refit. Her engines were and still are prototypes, they run on a different power-generation principle but the end result is the same: Plasma energizes the nacelles ship goes VOOM.

    Her weapons... She has a mix of old and new weapons... the newest model of torpedo launcher along side a set of 32 massive vertically launched "Romulan Killer" fusion missiles. She used to have a huge laser mounted under her saucer but that has been removed. She retains her original hull polarization system... and has a point-defense system... but minimal shielding.

    Her engines can push her along at warp 5.7 for about twelve hours before they overheat. She once managed to get up to warp 6.5 for almost an hour but that was when she was new.

    For some reason Starfleet refitted her with a suite of advanced sensors and a new computer network.

    She has been tasked with exploring the frontier.

    Six months out of Andoria she is scanning a star cluster that had been mapped by the Vulcans about 100 years before the destruction of their homeworld. The Vulcans reported a 22nd century level technology civilization in one system... but no evidence of FTL travel.

    The Montauk discovers that the civilization has spread to NINE systems over 20 square lightyears now, and there is still no obvious signs of FTL travel.

    Approaching closer they pick up a distress call. They race to the source of the distress call and witness several large rocks accelerate twords an alien ship that is firing missiles at the planet... the collision destroys the alien ship.

    The planet contacts the Montauk and they learn all about the civilization and their amazing psionic FTL technology. Specially trained adepts called Talents use skills to move ships and object through space. They use massive generators to boost the range and size of objects they can move.

    The Montauk also learn this civilization is threatened by an aggressive species of insectoids who travel in massive hive-like ships. The ship that the Talents on the planet below destroyed... just a scout. There is a hive nearby. A decade ago the civilization destroyed one... but at enormous cost.

    They ask the Montauk for help.

    We get permission from Starfleet... and thus begins the Hive War.

    If you haven't realized this borrows quite a bit from Anne McCaffery's Tower And Hive series. I've read the books, so has my boyfriend... we decided that a star-treked version of the story would be neat to RP so we sat down blocked out a story and created a ship.

    This is just an outline, I'll go into detail in another post. I'm kind of tired right now it's past my bedtime.

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    and its been along time since I posted somthing like that!
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    I am having trouble with PhotoFucket right now so the pictures will be delayed.

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