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Thread: Battlestar Galactica and fleet

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    Battlestar Galactica and fleet

    Here is a generated Battlestar Galactica collection of ships. There are thirty-six ships from the original series and resurrected series. I generated these from colonial warbook and Colonial Warbook II. The originial series vessels are generated using Spoo’s Battlestar Galatica version of Babylon wars sheets. All of these vessels can be used in an original and resurrected game.

    Battlestar Galactica (Resurected Series)
    Battlestar Pegasus (Mercury-class Battlestar)
    Battlestar Valkery (Aries-class Battlestar (Battlestar Valkery BSG-41))
    Colonial Viper MK I
    Battlestar Galactica’s Viper MK II
    Battlestar Galactica’s Viper MK VII
    Cylon Raider MK II
    Cylon Base ship Resurrected Series
    Cylon Resurection ship
    Cylon Freighter
    Cylon Basestar -- First War -- Resurrected Series
    Battlestar Galactica’s Raptor
    Colonial One “the governmental ship”
    Rising Star (old style Liner)
    Olympic Carrier and Intersun transport
    Tylium Refinery ship
    Mining/Horticultural ship
    Ulysses Cargo carrier
    Gemini Freighter
    Colonial Movers the Freighter and Tanker version
    Light Transport ship LTS Scylla
    Demetrias Sewage ship
    Celestra Science Ship
    Gemenon Traveller
    Agro ship
    Grain ship
    Space Park
    Foundry ship
    Botanitical ship
    “Flattop” Flattop-class Foundry ship
    Cylon Raider
    Colonial Battlestar (Original Series)
    Viper (Original Series)
    Cylon Base Ship (Original)
    Cylon Raiders
    Colonial Shuttles
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    Very cool conversion!
    Ta Muchly

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    Thank you. We needed cannon flodder for the fight to take place in and around. The original Series ships are there because I like the original series still better than the resurected. Yet, there are still other ships yet to be made. I hope you all enjoy them.

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