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Thread: A "Blast" From The Past (A non seen TNG phaser rilfe)

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    A "Blast" From The Past (A non seen TNG phaser rilfe)

    Type III Phaser Rifle ("Riot Gun")
    Introduced: 2368
    Specifications: 58 cm long, 1.6 L in volume; 1.1 kg (with Type II "Cobra" phaser attached)/33 cm long, 1.1 L in volume; 1 kg (without Type II "Cobra" phaser attached)
    Description: Sometime around 2367 after the Battle of Wolf 359, Starfleet R&D explored the possibility of an Type III Phaser Rifle extension for the Type II "Cobra" phaser. When attached the phaser would fire a series of compact "O"-rings of phaser energy at a target at an incredible velocity. This would (in theory) be used against species such as the Borg who have the capability to reflect or even abosorb phaser energy.
    Settings: 1-16
    Duration/Energy: 1,250 charges.
    Range: 5/40/80/160/+40 meters.

    This my take on this unusual weapon...did this sorta out of fun.
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    Now that is cool. That's one of the weapons I was going to do stats for but never got around to it. The pictue I have is just a black and white drawing, I never realised that this was actually a made prop!
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    Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very cool !!!

    This is the perfect thing for the Marines, or for when Doug Painter goes on a high-tension mission ! Thanks for the stats !!

    EDIT: I incorporated the Riot Gun into my Starfleet Marine & Special Forces booklets. This is going to be a lot of fun to use in the game !
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