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Thread: Part of my CODA redefined - Magic

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    Part of my CODA redefined - Magic

    I have been working on redoing the CODA system for a generic fantasy system, but here is a part of what I have been doing.

    This is the magic system that I will be using. This is very much an early draft and is still a WIP. I have the system pretty much laid out, but am starting to work on the spells themselves.

    I would love to have any feedback on this. I have used it with the LOTR magic, and what I did there is to say that the Manna cost of a spell is equal to the TN/5 of the spell in the LOTR book.
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    This looks really interesting, and I can't help but be reminded of GURPS by the use of "manna". Its a staple of their magic system.

    And GURPS is a game system we use for a lot of off-beat campaigns when we're not playing Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings.

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    Two big inspirations were GURPS and Harnmaster. Both of which are great games.

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    Don't forget the CRB as it incorporates the Weariness mechanic and provides suggestions for playing with more magical worlds along with accommodating "holy" magic as well.
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