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Thread: LotR Core Book Question

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    Question LotR Core Book Question

    My question involves the two editions of the LotR RPG Core-book published by Decipher. I have two sets of the game, and our Narrator has one and we have three copies of the 2nd printing from 2003.

    This is fine.

    We've had no end of enjoyment adventuring in Middle-Earth with these books. But, a friend of our who wanted to join our game recently wanted to get a copy of the core-rules for herself, and since Hills Games wont sell it by itself, she went to

    All she could find were First Editions, printed in '02, and not the second edition Tamanny & I have. Rumor has it the second printing contains some different info - maybe even more rules, or a new Elite Order, or something.

    What I'm wondering is, exactly what are the major differences between the First Printing and the Second as far as the Core Book is concerned. If it is just corrections of errata, etc., I'm sure Sarah could use it to learn the game.

    But if there really are necessary things missing from Printing 1, maybe she can still pick it up and I can make her a PDF of the necessary amendments.

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    I would like to know as well, I just looked and as I figured I have a first edition. There is a used book place near here I wonder if they have an updated one, or Helm's Deep I will have to look into that.


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