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    Half Elf

    I was wondering if anyone had made rules for creating a half-elf (really any half-x species) within LotR? I thought about looking at Star Trek as I am pretty sure there are rules in there but sometimes things do not translate well between the two and I am not sure where it was.


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    From remarks concerning Elrond, I got the impression that half-elves who embraced their elven heritage were essentially elves. They did not seem to be treated as any sort of hybrid.
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    What has been said; I think this goes back to their different post lives and the nature of their spirits (fa, I think).

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    Another thing is that half-elves are so rare. THere are only somethin glike three Elf-Man marrigages in the history of Middle Earth. Elves don't like to marry men because men are mortal. IN a century or so the man dies, and the elf pretty much morns their missing partner for eternity, as the two races go the different places in their afterlives.

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