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Thread: Starship Combat II Advanced for FASA

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    That's further in the future from TNG. I can help more with that, data and development-wise.
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    Oh, you must mean the Star Trek online stuff. I have no clue about that period, but we can toss around ideas if you like. How much different from TNG is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trynda1701 View Post
    And although the Orions are still around (as the Syndicate) in TNG times, and I would LOVE to bump them up the list, I don't think they have any real major firepower to bring to bear.
    The Orions shouldn't be on the list at all. That's like putting the Mafia on the same list as the British and US Armies...

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    Well, you might put the Hudson's Bay Company on it.
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    Yeah, I think the Orions are borderline. The only reason I included them originally was because FASA dedicated so much time with them. I guess I kinda looked at them as the future Syrians or North Koreans. Somalians?

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    Here's something I was toying with- rules for planetary defenses and orbital attacks
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    That is one detailed idea, Sir.

    I love how you tied in the number of defenses allowed into the Planetary Index stats from the RPG. Well thought out ideas in this document.
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    Many thanks! I hope to run a mirror universe campaign some day so maybe itll come in handy. I think im gonna tackle ground forces next, using this as a template. I fear its gonna be a lot more involved than I would like. We'll see. Thanks again!

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    I agree, really well thought out and detailed work here.
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    Thanks much appreciated!

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