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Thread: LOTR revised combat and injurry

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    LOTR revised combat and injurry

    I have been working on my revision to the CODA system (My own V2).

    One of the things that I have been working on is the combat system...

    I am torn though! I have been toying with two different ways of doing it. My goal is to make the system a little more dangerous. I never liked the way that you just hack away until you wear them down.

    One of the things I am doing right off of the back is increasing the protection from armor, and making people more vulnerable.

    Armor = Good - If you are wearing armor, a guy with a dagger isn't going to kill you unless they get a very skilled hit!
    Unarmored = Bad - If you aren't wearing armor and you get hit by a sword, you are having a bad day.

    I am also changing the actions. You get 1 offensive action and one defensive action. There are also times when you will get an extra action (If you get a critical attack or defense) - To do all out type attacks (2 action moves in LOTR) you use all of your actions in one blow, but have a better chance to take out your enemy (if you succeed!) You can also give up your attack for a second defensive action.

    Here is where I am stuck. I am torn between keeping the current injury level system, or dropping it and going with a specific wound system. I have already worked out how the wounds will work, and it works pretty well, but it might be more detailed than what some people want.

    In a nutshell, the way the wound system works, is based upon the damage received. If you receive half your health, it is a minor wound/scratch, nothing major, but after a time they wear you down. If you receive your entire health, it is a Medium Wound - with some penalties. 2x your health and you have a Major Wound. 4x your health, and you have a critical wound (good chance of dying! I have spelled out penalties and effects from each of the wounds depending on hit location.

    My question is, would most people prefer detailed wounds, or would do you like the current hit system?

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    When I was in my 20s and we had all Saturday to sit around and play RPGs we liked complex systems, now that I am older and we only have 3 hours to play one evening a week, we prefer simple, streamlined systems.

    Your question really should be: how much time do you want to play and how much time do you want to worry about rules?
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