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Thread: Star Trek: Neogenesis Thread

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    Found what I want to use!

    Where No Man Has Gone Before (Microlite d20) but with house rules to make it less cheezy

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    Nice. It's a great read, I'm looking forward to hearing how it plays.
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    Well first up I need to dig into my bag of d20 House Rules for this one, so here we go.

    1] Bye d20, hello 3d6

    2] Bye Classes (Red Shirt, Blue Shirt and Yellow Shirt) and we are going to open up the Talent trees by division. That'll take some work, but it is worth it.

    3] If you have played the Dragon Age RPG from Green Ronin, you know what Stunt Points are. They will be used.

    4] Gonna add in Hooks (aka Aspects from FATE), each character will have 5.

    5] In a surprise move for me, I will KEEP the Levels, since they are a nice way of controlling advancement.

    6] Hmmmm there is no number 6

    7] Be nice to each other.

    Okay that's pretty much how it is going to break down, so that should work out just fine for me.

    As the game is VERY Starfleet-o-centric I am going to have to come up with some Talent trees for Rogues and Spies, maybe I'll take a look at Star Wars SAGA for this, unless anyone else has a good line on some ideas?


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    Here's what I've worked up for the Talent Tress.

    Side note I will be renaming Class to Profession and allow for people to give up a level-up Talent pick to start a new Profession. They just work.

    To kow what any of the Talents listed here are from the game, see the WNMHGB webpage for the Core Rules as well as the Controlled Implosions expansion.

    Note I have renamed Blue Shirt to Sciences/Medical, Red Shirt to Ops/Tactical/Engineering and Yellow Shirt to Command/Conn, otherwise it gets confusing when the Captain wears red

    Without further ado, here are my Profession Talent Trees for Rogue/Merchant and Scout/Spy.

    Rogue/Merchant Talents

    1. Measure of a Man (As per Command/Conn)
    2. Plan (As per Science/Medical)
    3. Recollection (As per Science/Medical but with a focus on underworld and trading)
    4. Space Jockey (as per Command/Conn)

    5. Connections – You can always find someone who has what you are looking for or knows someone who does. Charisma + Communications vs. DC = 5 for easy stuff, 10 for slightly illegal stuff, 13 for contraband or rare items and 18 for actual restricted material (Military equipment is a good example)

    6. Made Man – Due to your high standing in the underworld, you gain +2 to all social tests with other criminals. You must already have Connections to take this Talent.

    7. Smooth Criminal – You are coated in Teflon and nothing can stick to you. You gain a +2 to all Charisma + Communications Tests when trying to convince others that you had nothing to do with anything.

    8. Appraise Value – You know when something is not worth what they are telling you it is, add half your level (Minimum +1) to all Intelligence + Knowledge tests to determine worth, this is not only for items, but for potential hirelings as well.

    9. Pirate Paths – You know space lanes that respectful people don’t. They aren’t safe, but they are secret. +2 to all attempts to lose a pursuing starship.

    10. Light Fingers – Your skill at palming, swapping or even pick-pocketing is impressive. When ever making a Subterfuge test, you add Half your Level as a bonus to the roll.

    Scout/Spy Talents

    1. Exploit Weakness (As per Sciences/Medical)
    2. Plan (As per Sciences/Medical)
    3. Intuition (As per Ops/Tactical/Engineering)
    4. Jury Rig (As per Ops/Tactical/Engineering)
    5. Defensive Roll (As per Command/Conn)
    6. Pirate Paths (as per Rogue/Merchant)

    7. Cover Story – You can take any Talent from any other Profession, so long as it has no prerequisites.

    8. On His Trail – You gain +2 to all Tests related to tracking/following a target, or in turn losing a tail. If you also have Face in the Crowd, you may add half its bonus to this roll.

    9. Face in the Crowd – You can blend into a crowd without drawing attention to yourself, giving you half level +1 bonus to any attempts to move undetected through a public area.

    10. Sneak Attack – They never see it coming, the knife in the back or the sucker punch in the bar. You may use your Subterfuge for an opening shot of a fight, instead of your Physical.

    These are not the only ones that I will make, but it is a good start. Ultimately I think there is also room for a Rebel/Freedom Fighter Profession as well, given the Bajorans, the Maquis, etc...

    That I will make later.

    Now in the Controlled Implosions sourcebook he recommends making Classes for races, like Klingons, Gorns, etc... I hate the idea of racial classes in D&D and no more like them here, so I came up with Racial Talent Trees. The idea being that each race can have a selection (I would keep it to under 5) of Talents that help define their race.

    For this example I have chosen Klingons and Romulans;

    Klingon Racial Talents

    1. In The Back (See Controlled Implosions)
    2. Klingon Diplomacy (See Controlled Implosions)

    3. Worthy of an Opera – When reduced to 0 Hit Points in a fight, you may continue fighting for as many rounds as you have levels and then immediately drop dead. Any medical attempts to save your life suffer a -1 penalty for each round you fought on. You must have Durable to take this Talent.

    Romulan Racial Talents

    1. Knowledge is Power - Designate one target within line of sight and make a Knowledge check against a DC = to 15 + target's Level. If successful, for the remainder of the encounter you score a critical hit on a natural 17.

    2. Way of D'era – Once per session you may declare that your action furthers the Empire and spend 2 Action Points instead of 1.

    3. Beware of Romulans Bearing Gifts – When in any form of negotiation or bargaining, through uses of subtlety and misdirection you gain +2 on all Subterfuge tests. Must have Way of D’era to take this Talent.

    Well that's what I have for tonight, more to come maybe this weekend.

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    Good choice. I would have recommended Savage Worlds, but as you have beef with that system I would recommend either Where No Man... (Microlite-20 adaptation) or Mini Six as the best systems for Star Trek. Waiting to hear the first session recap!

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    Actually we switched to D6 and then last night, while preparing for the game (3rd session I think) I had a brain storm for a Trek campaign and put this one on hold. The new on is much more to my liking

    I'll hopefully post more details later.

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