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Thread: Thinking of doing a D6 adaption

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    Thinking of doing a D6 adaption

    I have a Trek game coming up in May. It is a one shot convention run and I am torn between systems. I love the FASA stuff, but the mechanics are a bit dated for the crowd that will be attending the con. I just bought the LUG version and while the system is quick and easy, char gen is a nightmare... finally there is the decipher version which I own all the books (physical and PDF), but not up to lugging them to Boston next month. So I am thinking of doing an ST adaption with the Mini Six rules set from Antipaladin games. Right now I am looking over how to design the main attributes, I am thinking instead of Agility, Might, etc. Have things like Command, Sciences, Medical, etc. THen players can specialize within those boundaries. I can add a Combat Ops category to account for all the combaty stuff. I will be basing the skills and races off of the FASA material since I am designing this to be used for the Abramsverse.

    I am just toying with the idea at the moment. If I decide to move forward I will post the conversion process over at my blog

    Any ideas, thoughts, feedback?

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    I'd be open to checking it out. I've got both the d6 games of Star Wars and Ghostbuster RPG, and any d6 rpg is usually neat and fun. Heck, I've been toying with converting Ghostbusters, though I presently lack the time what with writing up a 300-some odd page campaign guide for my game group and trying to come up with some Trek players, and playing in 3 different groups. Lol. Full plate, but a d6 Trek sounds neat, although I admit I don't know anything of the system you mentioned.

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    System Conversion charts might be of help to quick translate existing STATed characters to D6.
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