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Thread: Dusting them off...

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    Dusting them off...

    Getting the books out again to start my campaign up. It has been since 2012 that I put any creativity into Middle-earth, but with the Hobbit trilogy going on in the theaters and finishing my Lord of the Rings audiobooks the desire to play has returned. I think I might even do a read of the Silmarillion once more to really stoke the fires.

    Anyway, I am posting here to see if there is anyone else out there making Middle-earth come alive with the CODA system. I own The One Ring but have yet to do anything with it than to read through the books. CODA still is my system of choice - bugs and all. If there are any Narrators out there telling stories, I'd love to hear some of your story arcs for inspiration.


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    Nice to see someone else still active. I've not played I years, but I did make an attempt to keep material live and even make more. Got an email from a fan of my work some time ago and the old fire is stoking in me, too.

    Come check out the archive:

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    I am just reaching the end of running a two year long fantasy (non-lotr, my players just aren't into Middle Earth) CODA campaign and I have become very disillusioned with the game system. It seems like it was thrown together without enough testing and I do not have the energy to rewrite the game from the ground up.

    My next campaign will be using Monte Cooks Arcana Unearthed rules.
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