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Thread: Is it true? 2 new Treks?

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    Is it true? 2 new Treks?

    Nope, not April 1st.

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    CBS developing new CSI and EMS related Star Trek television shows

    Posted by: RJ Beam in General Public Safety News November 22, 2013 3 Comments

    A CBS insider leaked to us an announcement about shows in development for the fall 2014 season line up. Due to increased demand for Start Trek to be back on TV after the new JJ Abrams movies, CBS is once again boldly going where no one has gone before. According to our source not one but two Star Trek related shows are in development.
    Star Trek CSI and EMS

    A new Starship
    The first of the shows is a Police Procedural based in the Star Trek universe. The working title is Star Fleet Investigative Section, or SFIS, which promises to be a sci-fi version of CSI or NCIS.

    The plot outline we were given is that the show will follow the exploits of the star ship Edmund Locard. For those not familiar with forensic science Edmund Locard was a French Scientist who is responsible with the development of the first modern Crime Lab. The outline said the USS Locard would likely be a “Defiant class” type smaller starship.

    Star Fleet Investigative Section would follow a basic police procedural template. Each episode would have a “crime of the week”. The crew of the USS Locard would then be dispatched to warp in and solve the crime. Utilizing futuristic forensic skills the fearless crew will usually successfully solve the crime and restore order.

    The breakdowns of plot lines have episodes taking place on other star ships, space stations, asteroid mines, alien planet and back here on Earth. While many plot lines will involve murders, the crew will also be looking into kidnappings, cargo pirating, sabotages, alien spies, and space age war crimes.

    In the second show Star Trek will be taking on a medical/rescue drama theme, with a working title of Star Trek: Pierce. It is unknown based on the outline if the name Pierce is in honor of the Fire Engine Manufacture or the US Navy Corpsman who received the Medal of Honor in WWII.

    This second show will follow the crew of the USS Pierce, a heavy rescue star ship. In the outline we got, the USS Pierce is described as being a new breed of starship with a prototype “warp Jump drive”. The warp jump is able to open an artificial wormhole between to wormhole generators. Starfleet vessels in the show have emergency beacons that contain one half of the wormhole generator. The USS Pierce also caries deployable probes that make up the other half of the wormhole generator.

    The typical episode plotlines will have some ship, space station or other exotic location befall some disaster or unknown medical outbreak. Our heroes will then be dispatched to this emergency event. Using the warp jump they get to any emergency in minutes. In some shows they will use futuristic versions of the Jaws-of-Life and emergency medical techniques to complete their rescues. In other shows the onboard medical lab might be used to develop a cure for a new illness or virus. Other episodes might call for the crew to race in to save a VIP with an emergency surgery, such as a transplant or an experimental procedure.

    CBS seems positive they will be able to air multiple Star Trek shows. They currently air multiple versions of CSI and multiple versions of NCIS. Also given that these shows have different central plots, one police related the other EMS/Rescue related, fans should be happy to have two Trek shows on the air. No word on when production will start, nor was there a mention when in 2014 the pilots will air.
    hmmm. Having done the ICON Policing sourcebook I cannor possibly comment on the first... And the second is the SCE books isn't it?

    Of course equally. I am not really sold on these, but any activity would help generate traffic.
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    So, basically, this would be NCIS IN SPACE! and E.R. IN SPACE! ?
    I'm... not quite enthusiastic about these projects (assuming they are not an April's Fool 2 months early).
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    Yeah, I fall on the side of being skeptical that this is real.
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    Sounds like a real trustworty, authoritative source - NOT!

    Of course, I said that the casting calls for characters named after the TOS stars in Enterprise (Williams, Leonards and Forest) was a suspiciously bad joke, so who am I to judge?

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    Some news is better than no news, especially if this is not set in the Abrams version of that thing they call trek.
    But I will remain skeptical, but hopeful that one day, within my lifetime non-JJTrek, will return to the small (and big) screen.

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    A CSI in space? I seem to remember someone wanted to do a campaign based on a similar premise here, and we pointed out that you're going to have to have some pretty amazing crimes to beat your basic tricorder. On the plus side, you now have a way for DNA results to be back in minutes, not weeks. But when you watch something like Almost Human on Fox, they came up with tech to beat forensics (DNA bombs that spray a room with lots of genetic material to ruin trace evidence, for example), so maybe there is hope for this show.

    The other one sounds a lot more promising. Danger and daring do every episode, throw in some reoccurring plot threads (someone wants to return to regular starship duty, but isn't ready yet; someone knows isn't who they say they are; the team's first mission is part of a bigger conspiracy/threat to the universe) and it should hold well enough.

    But yeah, are these in the Prime universe or the new one?
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    Hm. When all your information is from one site, I'm inclined to dump it in the "Made Up" category; that a brief Google session didn't turn up any other rumors or results on the matter rather sealed the deal for me.

    As interesting as the concepts sound, I'm not going to put any stock in them until I've seen an official announcement from CBS Paramount.

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    Both these ideas seem limiting to me. By which I mean, those kinds of plots have happened plenty of times in the previous series, and I don't see the advantage of a new show that focuses on one or two themes and rules out all the other possibilities that classic Trek has always offered. I like variety from week to week in the shows I watch.
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    Personally I still think they should go with the limited series plan and one off TV Movies (basically the old double episodes as an occassional episdoe). Under that format both these ideas would work along with Lost Era stuff, Far Future Federation Timefleet... Whatever the latest idea is.

    However with the sets struck and props sold off its all very unlikely outside of JJ Trek.
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