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Thread: BRP Star Trek?

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    Question BRP Star Trek?

    I wondering, has anyone worked up Star Trek using the BRP (Basic Roleplaying) system by Chaosium?

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    How close is BRP to the FASA version?
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    Not really sure...I've never played or looked at the FASA Star Trek material. However, I heard that it has some form of d100 mechanic but not exactly BRP.

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    Both use a d100 for all skill checks and combat with the object to roll under the target number. FASA has a far more detailed combat system, but in my opinion, it is very clunky. I never thought about comparing the two before and doing so now, they are reasonably similar.
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    The quickest way to convert a FASA character to BRP is to simply divide all attributes by 5, rounding up, and calculating all derived statistics. Skills would transfer over mostly untouched.

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