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Thread: Starfleet Captain Shafted For Doing His Job

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    Starfleet Captain Shafted For Doing His Job

    Just a thought or two I thought I'd share with you folks.

    I recently rewatched "Chain of Command" parts 1 & 2 from TNG and as I did, I realized that Edward Jellico has gotten a bad rap. He's been portrayed in novels as, for lack of a better term, a complete git. With the rewatch, I realized that Jellico's only crime and the only justification for Riker's insubordinate tantrums was quite simply that he wasn't Jean-Luc Picard.

    Now I find myself just disappointed in the crew of the Enterprise for their behavior... *shrug*
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    I agree. TBH I felt it quite clear that Jelico was the Antithisis of Picard, a more militaristic, disciplined, rule bound, style captain over Picards more relaxed explorer/scientist and (ironically to him) family building technique.

    It does rather explain why Riker took so long to get a command of his own.
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    Word. I was disappointed, as well, especially with Riker.
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    I'd stick with Jellico personally. Might be a martinette, but at least he won't speechify me to death
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    Every crew needs a little shake up now and then to keep them on their toes, and Jellico was just the right hardass for the job. Riker responded to that like a spoiled brat, and the rest of the crew wasn't much better.

    If you want to see captain character assassination, watch that fan made series, I think it was called Dark Frontier. They turned Ben Maxwell into a maniacal mustache twirling villain. That really irritated me, especially since he was created to be a sympathetic war veteran character in The Wounded.
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