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Thread: Concordat-Class Heavy Carrier (Poly)

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    Concordat-Class Heavy Carrier (Poly)

    Concordat Class Heavyh Carrier.png

    And here, is something Cronan Thompson, you can find out more about him in the website in the Signature, was speculating upon, to make use of Galaxy-size Shuttlebays, and more firepower and troops, instead of the Sovereign-Class (laid out in a 96' USEnet post; - go there!)

    Construction Data:

    Model Numbers- Mk I
    Ship Class- XV
    Date Entering Service- 2372
    Number Constructed- 15
    Hull Data:
    Superstructure Points- 92
    Damage Chart- C
    Length- 448 meters
    Width- 326 meters
    Height- 75 meters
    Weight- 350,000 tons
    Cargo Units- 1500 units
    Cargo Capacity- 75,000 tons
    Landing Capability- None
    Equipment Data:
    Control Computer Type- I-5
    Cloaking Device Type- None
    Power To Activate- N/A
    Standard 7-person- 14
    Combat 12-person- 16
    Emergency 22-person- 8
    cargo large- 5
    cargo small- 7
    Other Data:
    Crew- 230
    Passengers- 70
    Troops- 2140
    Fighter Pilots- 248
    Deck Crews- 342
    Shuttlecraft- 14
    Shuttlepods- 16
    Fighters- 12
    Cargo Shuttles- 8
    Runabouts- 4
    Work Bees- 60
    Travel Pods- 16
    Shutugs- 10
    Engines and Power Data:
    Total Power Units Available- 152
    Movement Point Ratio- 4/1
    Warp Engine Type- FVWA-8
    Number- 2
    Power Provided- 56 ea
    Stress Charts- C/D
    Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 9.5
    Emergency Speed- Warp 9.9
    Impulse Engine Type- FIG-3
    Impulse Engine Output- 40
    Weapons and Firing Data:
    Beam Weapon Type- FH-15
    Number- 8
    Firing Arcs- 8 f/p/s
    Firing Chart- Y
    Max Beam Power- 12
    +3- (1-11)
    +2- (12-20)
    +1- (21-24)
    Beam Weapon Type- FH-16
    Number- 12
    Firing Arcs- 2 f/p/s, 4p, 4s, 2a
    Firing Chart- S
    Max Beam Power- 9
    +3- (1-9)
    +2- (10-12)
    +1- (13-16)
    Drone Rack Type- FDN-5
    Number- 2 per Rack (plus; - 5 anti-drones)
    Racks- 2
    MUs- 14
    Endurance- 18 turns
    Power To Arm- 1
    Damage- 22 ea
    Missile Weapon Type- FP-12
    Number- 16
    Firing Arcs- 4 f/p/s, 4p, 4s, 4a
    Firing Chart- Y
    Power To Arm- 1
    Damage- 15
    Misile Weapon Type- FQ-2
    Number- 4
    Firing Arcs- 2f, 2a
    Firing Chart- V
    Power to Arm- 4
    Damage- 25
    Shields Data:
    Deflector Shield Type- FSX
    Shield Point Ratio- 1/5
    Maximum Shield Power- 32
    Defense Factor- 167.5
    Weapon Damage Factor- 377.8

    And for LUG

    U.S.S Voltex, NCC-72659
    Class and Type: Concordat-Class Heavy Carrier
    Commissioning Date: 2372
    Hull Characteristics
    Size: 7
    Resistance: 4
    Structural Points: 140
    Operations Characteristics
    Crew/Passengers/Troops/Fighter Pilots/Deck Crews/Evac:
    230/70/2140/248/342/3030 [7 Power/Round]
    Computers: 7 [7 Power/Round]
    Transporters: 14 Personnel, 16 Combat, 8 Emergency, 12 Cargo [25 Power/Round]
    Tractor Beams: 1 av, 1 ad, 1 fd, 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
    Propulsion Characteristics
    Warp System: 9.0/9.5/9.95 (30 hours) [2/Warp Factor]
    Impulse System: .75c/.95c [7/9 Power/Round]
    Power: 190
    Sensor Data
    Long-Range Sensors: +2/18 ly [6 Power/Round]
    Lateral Sensors: +2/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
    Navigational Sensors: +1 [5 Power/Round]
    Sensor Skill: 5
    Tactical Data
    Type IX Phaser
    Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
    Arc: All (720 degrees)
    Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
    Damage: 18
    Power: [18]
    Mk II Quantum Torpedoes
    Number: 50
    Launchers: 1 av, 1 fv
    Spread: 5
    Range: 20/350,000/1,250,000/4,000,000
    Accuracy: 3/4/6/9
    Damage: 25
    Power: [6]
    Type XII Photon Torpedoes
    Number: 200
    Launchers: 2 av, 2 fv
    Spread: 8
    Range: 20/350,000/1,250,000/4,000,000
    Arc: Forward or Aft, but are Self-Guided
    Accuracy: 3/4/6/9
    Damage: 18
    Power: [5]
    Weapon Skill:
    Defensive Data:
    Starfleet Deflector Shield
    Protection: 55/75
    Power: [55]

    This ship was one of over a dozen designed to try to fight the Borg, and, unintentionally, beat back the Dominion, and made use of the vast Shuttlebay areas for Carrier purposes, and delivering cargo to emergencies, and although the Borg were thwarted through other means, including a few occasional long-shots, this class would not contribute to it, although they would be
    useful until their retirement in 2468.

    Noteworthy Vessels/Encounters: U.S.S Concordat; - Prototype, named for renowned Federation-Class Dreadnought, which skirmsihed with Klingons over two dozen times, and was flagship of the Sixth Fleet, U.S.S Sierra Mavel; - attacked two Ketracel White Facilities (2374), U.S.S Voltex; - sent research teams to the Dyson Sphere, defended two Colony Worlds from the Borg, and tried (unsuccessfully), to suppress the Holograms in 2423.
    "Always beware of anything said by a person with a smile." -Cronan-sama

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    And now, the CODA version of this true CVA:

    Production Data
    Origin: United Federation of Planets
    Class and Type: Concordat-Class Heavy Carrier
    Year Launched: 2372
    Hull Data
    Structure: 35
    Size/Decks: 7/20 decks
    Length/Beam/Height: 428/326/75 meters
    Complement: 230
    Operational Data
    Atmospheric Systems: None
    Cargo: 120
    Cloaking Device: None
    Life Support System: Class 2R (CC)
    Operations System: Class 4 (E)
    Sensors: Class 4 (+4/E)
    Seperation System: Yes
    Shuttlebays: Four
    Shuttlecraft: 28 size worth
    Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 av, 1 fd, 1 fv
    Transporters: 14 standard, 16 assault, 12 cargo, 8 emergency

    Propulsion Data
    Impulse System: FIG-4 (.9c) (D)
    Warp System: LF-50 Mod 1 (wf 9/9.5/9.99) (MCU) (E)

    Tactical Data
    Phaser Arrays: Type IX (x4/C)
    Penetration: 6/5/5/0/0
    Photon/Quantum Torpedoes: Mk 95 DF (x2/B)
    Penetration: 5/5/5/5/5 (6/6/6/6/6)
    Deflector Shield: FSR-2 (E)
    Protection/Threshold: 17/5

    Miscellaneous Data
    Maneuvering: +4C +0H +4T
    Traits: None
    "Always beware of anything said by a person with a smile." -Cronan-sama

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