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Thread: Bizarre look into a new Character

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    Bizarre look into a new Character

    Lucre Valdez.png

    (Ed Note- You want to get a look into the FAR FUTURE that few people can visualise to an adequately logical esoteric degree? Even PAST the Existence War?)

    STR- 62
    END- 87
    INT- 92
    DEX- 75
    CHR- 63
    LUC- 95
    PSI- 55

    Combat Data

    Tohit Data-
    Armed- 34
    HTH- 46

    Bare Hand Damage- 1d10+5

    AP: 11

    Significant Skills-

    Administration- 66
    Computer Operation- 62
    Computer System Technology- 58
    Communications Operations Procedures- 35
    Electronics Technology- 84
    Ground Vehicle Operation- 23
    Instruction- 32
    Galacta- 49
    French- 23
    Indoneisian- 30
    tlhngan Hol- 62
    Misc. others- 17
    Leadership- 36
    Marksmanship, Modern- 45
    Marksmanship, Archaic- 85
    Negotiations/Diplomacy- 42
    Personal Combat
    Armed- 14
    HTH- 25
    Realitywarp System Technology- 52
    Water Vehicle Operation- 43

    This is one of the Officers of the UFG Realityfleet, being an experienced watcher, and supervisor of engineers, plus lover of roots.

    Assignments being the USS Voracious (Beware-Class), USS Smitherrot (Gondola-Class), USS Kenshin (Kessho Class), USS Voraskriek Nekote (Prototype), and USS Zendikit (Valinor-Class). This happens throughout the early-mid 37th Century. He'sa captain who wrote three books on Xenoliving thingies, and oversaw temporal and exploratory affairs in a Rear Admiral Administrative Position through 3635-3665.

    (Sheesh, you just LOVE to get Snippy with me, don't you? You also use snazzy, red text that just gives people the giggles, don't know Star Fleet Battles lingo, and sound like a Pro-Censorship Tootsie Roll like Irate Gamer, and DO NOT play well with others. I've moved PLANETs, and did ICON stuff for this otherwise decent site even 15 years after ICON stopped being "In" asfar as RPGs were concerned, so you don't be like Harlan Ellison, he's more elaborate in his prima donnaness)
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    What is the Reality Fleet? What is a watcher? Aside from this, and a couple of unexplained skills, what is bizarre about this character. Please explain - you always leave such details out and without them your posts are nonsense. This is a fairly normal FASA character - nothing bizarre or special.

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