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Thread: Star Trek New Voyages - Mind Sifter

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    Star Trek New Voyages - Mind Sifter

    A Blast from the past - in more ways than one. Mind Sifter is a piece of fan-fic from the mid 1970's published in the book Star Trek: the New Voyages. In it, Kirk is captured by the klingons and tortured, then left in the late 1950's where he winds up in an asylum with amnesia. The New Voyages fan film Mins Sifter is based on that old story. The new guy playing Kirk is a big improvement over James Cawley (who makes a cameo as a patient who thinks he's Elvis - Cawley is an Elvis impersonator). The Klingon villain of the piece is Commander Kor.

    All in all, a better than average fan-film, easily as good as some of the actual TOS episodes. You can see it on You Tube at -check it out! 65minutes long, it can be seen either with modern FX or retro style FX. This link is to the modern FX version. The retro FX version is at .

    Note: you can download You Tube videos by going to and entering the You Tube URL for the movie and selecting from a choice of options. I usually choose MP4 (Max 480p) and save it to disc, then I use AVC to convert it to a DivX .AVI file so I can burn it to a DVD, as my DVD player is compatible with DivX.
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    It is very good episode.

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