This a re-post from Morena Shipyards:


Fellow Morena Shipyards member, game designer, and friend of mine Jonathan Thompson has suffered a heartbreaking loss just in the las few days.*

I can't put it better than Amarillo Design Bureau has at the link below, so I'm just going to copy what they wrote.*

Bryan, Joe, Jay - if you are so compelled, please post this at your respective Yahoo! groups. Brad, if you're still out there, please post at your website.*

"This is the Jonathan Thompson benefit edition of the*Prime Directive PD20M Core Rulebook.*The only thing different is that it is selling for half price and all of the profits go to help Jonathan whose fiancée passed away unexpectedly. As he wrote “My heart is broken, and I am having to deal with that along with handling the funeral expenses and seeing to her last wishes. Something like this you can never really plan for or expect.” This is ADB’s way of helping."

Folks, you'll be doing a good thing for a great guy. Plus, you'll be getting a copy of the Star Trekish RPG rules that I've been touting for years now - at a bargain. Written by a Star Trek AND FASA fan... And all around great guy.*

Thanks for your time and Jonathan, so sorry for your loss.*