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Thread: Leonard Nimoy dies at age 86

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    Leonard Nimoy dies at age 86

    Correction: Nimoy was 83, not 86.

    This alert just popped up on my phone.

    I am truly heartbroken, having met Mr. Nimoy on two different occasions. He was a genuinely nice man, and he was pleasant to talk with, albeit briefly.

    I don't know what else to say.

    Farewell, Mr. Spock.

    mactavish out.
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    I had been watching the morning news and had heard that Nimoy had passes away and could not believe it. It is a sad day.

    He will be missed.

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    Bummer. I was at the Ottawa Comiccon last year and attended the Leonard Nimoy Q&A Skype session - it was amazing. He will truly be missed.

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