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Thread: Ships Early 24th Century?

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    Ships Early 24th Century?


    Anyone got links to ships that might be around from when Enterprise B was active (2293) to when the Ambassador class launched (2330ish)?

    Anyone got any links to cool looking ships from this era? I am looking mostly for visuals and will stat them myself.


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    Your list would be the Constellation class, Miranda class, Oberth class, old Constitution classes that are being retired and Excelsior classes being built as the main portions of the fleet. There would be a few experimental ships that pop up. The best way is to look at the commissioning dates in the Federation Spacedock Supplement to get an idea of the time the ships were put into service.

    For Excelsior class of the era between that is why I made up the evolution chart and I am working on the evolution of the Oberth and Miranda.

    I hope that this helps you out.

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