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Armor (Charges)
                                Wgt          Points stopped                 Divisor                       Period
                            Torso/Full      Non-Energ/Energy      Non-Energ/Energy
Leather*                   1Kg/3Kg                5/1                                                    Ancient
Wood*                      4Kg/10Kg               6/1                                                    Ancient
Lt Metal                   5kg/15kg              10/2                                                    Ancient
Chain                      8kg/na                13/2                                                    Ancient
Plate/Segmented           12kg/20kg              15/2                                                    Ancient
Steel Plate               14kg/na                18/2                                                      WWI
Flak Jacket                2kg/na                 5/1                                                      WWII
Bullet Proof Vest          3kg/5Kg               10/1                                                    post-WW
Kevlar*                    7.4kg/na              15/1                                                      1970's
Mesh@                      2kg/4kg                9/1                                                      21stC
Cloth@                     1kg/3kg               18/na                   na/1                              21stC
Composite@                 2kg/10kg              25/na                   na/2                              21stC
Powered@     (50)           na/26kg                                      50/5                              22ndC
Life belt^   (20)           na/.5Kg               1/na                   na/1                              23rdC
Early Shield (20)           na/.5Kg                                      10/5                              24thC
Late Shield  (30)           na/.5Kg                                      10/8                              24thC
STO Shield   (40)           na/.5Kg              60/60                                                     25thC
Advanced Shield# (25)       na/.5Kg                                      10/40                             29thC

^ Glows, particularly in dark
* Includes hand held shields
# Borg/Undine other advanced races
@ TRAVELLER RPG should not normally be available to UESPA/UFP except composite or mesh Torso only for the 22nd-25th century major powers.
STO Star Trek Online

CHARGES: When in use it uses 1 charge per 30 minutes. Each 10 hit points received uses up 1 charge. Batteries may be changed on all except Life Belt and Advanced
Shield. Those two require charging while plugged in at a recharge point.

Life Belt, full Composite and Powered may be used as environment suits.

Armor either directly stops hits from reaching the wearer or adds the divisor number to the wearers Resistance number.
All hits on STO Shield are cumulative per round.
All hits on Points Stopped armor is resolved as individual hits.
All hits on Early, Late and Advanced Shields reduce the divisor by one after the
first hit (similar to multi actions penalty). On any turn that 3 or less hits is received the divisor returns to full strength.

Borgs are never shielded in 1st combat round. All are shielded in subsequent rounds.
All Borg shields are immune to damage once a drone absorbs one hit with no damage inflicted. Changing the weapons frequency starts sequence over.