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Thread: Combat: Aiming

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    Combat: Aiming

    Has anyone used or understand how to use aim? It seems like it has no effect. Can it be used in the same round multiple aim attempts? Does anyone have an example of how it is used or a book pg. to read an example?

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    This was posted from
    Quote Originally Posted by Owen E Oulton
    Page 126, chart: The modifiers for the Aim maneuver were omitted. They are "1 Difficulty per round spent aiming.

    This clears up some of my confusion. However, I am not sure if this means one action of the round or the "full" actions of the round.

    Here is an example to see if I understand the proper use of Aim

    Example: Cadet Drass is fighting a Romulan spy that is at a Medium Range from behind 1/2 cover.
    Typical Difficulty for firing a Phaser at Medium Range is a Moderate (7) difficulty +2 difficulty modifier for the 1/2 cover
    Without aim Cadet Drass must hit a Challenging (9) difficulty. Drass knowing that the odds of success are lower if he shoots from the hip and that he will likely miss, decides to spend the "full" round aiming on his Romulan target.

    Foregoing, his action he also allows the rest of the away team to flank their foe. Cadet Drass has improved his chances of success by 1 for his time spent aiming.
    The new difficulty during the second round of combat is reduced down to a Moderate (8) difficulty. Drass rolls 3 dice for coordination with the highest being a 5 and his Energy Weapon (Phaser) 2 (3). This means that he has succeeded in hitting the enemy Romulan despite the 1/2 cover and medium range. This some roll would have spelled disaster if he had not taken the opportunity to aim the "full" round before.

    Does this sound like what the rules are meant to be interpreted as? Are there any house rules on this that may work differently. What are your thoughts?

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    Sinca aiming, by definition, means taking time to make sure of your accuracy, it basically takes a full round, with firing done at the end of the round. It precludes doing anything else, and can only be done once a round. This is just common sense. If you spend two rounds aiming, you don't do anything else and fire at the end of round 2, gaining a -2 difficulty.

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    While it's not 100% clear, the phrasing strongly suggests aiming is intended to be a full-round action.
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    The aiming you refer to is computer aiming in Starship Combat. Aim per round and Called Shots are part of Starship Combat. Called Shots is only version in Action chapter. This true both in TOS & TNG rule books.

    The Ground Combat aiming is purely for called shots, In real life one doesn't aim 5,10, 15 seconds except in target shooting, sniping or awaiting an order to fire. Aimed fire in combat consists of getting sights on target and pulling trigger or unaimed point fire or not aimed spray fire. Further the 'To hit' table is ridiculously easy to obtain especially since there are virtually no negative modifiers and potentially several positive modifiers.

    To simulate aiming you would need to change some rules.

    Maximum 2 aim actions per round. Aim/shoot action or aim, aim shoot action does not count as multi-actions but does count towards other actions in round. They also suffer other actions negative penalty if undertaken prior to aim.

    i,e aim, shoot, aim, shoot, shoot, shoot. 1st 2 shots are normal with +1 aim bonus, last 2 shots get -5 each as part of multi-action.
    aim, aim, shoot, shoot, shoot 1st shot is normal with +2 aim bonus, last 2 shots get -4 each as part of multi-action.
    shoot, run, aim, shoot 1st 2 actions get -3, aimed shot 0 (for 2 pre actions negating +1 aim too)
    Further aiming would affect initiative. -1 per aim off initiative, non-aiming player wins ties.

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