Set two years after the end of the dominion war, Star Trek Perdition follows the adventures of the USS Perdition, a refit constitution class formerly the USS Potemkin, conducting a scientific survey along Klingon border thought lost in 2293. Discovered by a federation task force in 2374 patrolling the styx rift in the Kalanrda sector during the dominion war. The Potemkin along with the Klingon cruiser Krotahl were found orbiting the moon RZ2-II later renamed Perdition by the survey team sent down by the Potemkin. Both ships were deserted and abandoned by their crews for no apparent malfunction.

The entity that lured and trapped them there was first encountered by the USS enterprise in 2268 along with a Klingon cruiser commanded by captain Kang. At that time it encouraged aggression between the two ships till they realized what it was doing and together drove it off with positive emotions. The Beta XII-A entity as it was referred to then made itís way back to itís home in the Styx Rift on RZ2-II. It was then later discovered by the USS Potemkin and the Krotahl. The entity tried to recreate the same conditions so it could reproduce so to that end it made members of both crews immortal while on the planet and could repeatedly kill each other without truly dying. They then spent the next 80 years killing each other with no real knowledge of why. When the USS Blackthorne finally figured out what was going on and stopped the creature neither crew had a clear clear recollections of what had happened to them.

Captain Davies and her mostly Vulcan crew was very traumatized by their time on Perdition, but were able to crew their ship out of the rift and back to Starfleet. The Klingons handled the situation very differently. A majority of the crew believed that had gone to Sto-Vo-Kor and very unhappy to finally be convinced they had not. Their captain, Commander Korris adapted well and ruled with an iron fist. After so many years of fighting and dying even their thirst for combat had been satiated and worked with the USS Blackthorn to get them repaired and mobile. The Klingon high command sent a ship to rendezvous with the Krotahl while the Potemkin stayed with the task force at the rift till the patrol was done. Once back at Starfleet the crew was diagnosed with PTSD and all required prolonged therapy. 90% of the crew left Starfleet as did Captain Davies once the all consuming hatred was gone and she felt she had nothing left.

The Potemkin was given a thorough going over at spacedock and with very little upkeep needed she was renamed USS Perdition and assigned a new crew and sent out on patrol. She served admirable through the rest of the war with the dominion. After the war, while the federation recovered the Perdition was put into space dock for a refit. Starfleet command decided that they would leave the layout of the ship as it was as the new crew took immense pride in the nostalgia and honor of serving on board a constitution class. Her computer core was replaced and interfaces upgraded. An isolinear network was added along with a replicators and updated transporter systems. Life support was refitted and crew accommodations were modernized. With the computer upgrades and modernization and the vast automation of systems the original crew of 400 was reduced to twenty five percent at 100. Due to this and the lack of personnel due to losses during the war a EMH was installed, enabling the ship to operate with a senior nurse and medical assistants only.

The year is 2377, and the crew of the USS Perdition have been tasked with exploring strange new worlds, to boldly go where no one has gone before!