Hey, all.

I'm sure many of you have heard the announcement that a new Trek series will premier in January 2017. Coincidentally, I'm starting a new Trek rpg campaign this month using the Icon system. My gaming group did a Star Trek one shot earlier this year, running a heavily modified version of the "Shakedown Cruise" adventure from the LUG TNG core book. I'm planning on following up with a bit of a sequel to that episode using a lot of the info from the "A Fragile Peace" Neutral Zone campaign supplement.

I'm setting the campaign just a couple months after the event of Nemesis, so there's a power vacuum at the highest levels of the Romulan government, which threatens to destabilize the entire Alpha Quadrant. It'll be a ship-based campaign with the crew manning junior positions aboard the Excelsior-Class USS Fearless, which has been assigned to the Arteline Sector along the Romulan Neutral Zone. My vision is to split the series pretty evenly between episodes heavy on political intrigue (think DS9 set on a starship) and more traditional boldly going and seeking out new life episodes.

Do any of my fellow narrators have any advice or ideas for story hooks, plot twists or fun NPCs for my crew to encounter?

In addition to plenty of LUG source material, I'm also cannibalizing some bits from various Trek novels that address the post-Nemesis era, like the first Titan novel and Articles of the Federation, which is basically West Wing meets Star Trek. Does anyone have any other novels they'd recommend that directly advance the story of how the Romulans and Remans respond to Shinzon's failed attempt to take over the Romulan government and destroy Earth?

Any and all guidance and/or discussion is welcome (whether about narrating LUG Trek or the state of play in the post-Nemesis era).