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Thread: help with starship combat

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    help with starship combat

    I have a question about starship combat ..... ok so here it is .. say a ship has beam banks three across the top of the saucer 3 on the bottom saucer...its damage is say 14....on the bottom of the saucer a ship passes underneath the ship .... can the ship fire 1 blast from each set of banks?... causing damage equal to 14 times the number of banks that were fired?.... thanks in advance
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    ICON does not keep track of banks of weapons, just the type and arc. A ship fires with a certain maximum intensity, and can be aimed anywhere within its arc of fire. Each shot simply uses the amount of power listed. This is considered to be fire from all weapons of the type bearing on the target. Individual weapons are an artifact of other systems and do not count in ICON. ICON is a minimalist system which tries to make combat subservient to story. If you want that sort of detail, use SpaceDock, which was originally intended to be the advanced combat system, but was not released before LUG's demise. SpaceDock was released to the public by author Steve Long and can be downloaded for free from the Memory:ICON link below.

    The simple answer is NO. Your ship can do anywhere up to 14 points of damage (this would be using Type VII phasers) per shot. This is assumed to use all phasers firing in that arc.

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