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Thread: USS Vanguard Recruiting Active Players

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    Exclamation USS Vanguard Recruiting Active Players

    Urgent Communique: USS Vanguard Crew Activation

    Attention Citizen,

    You are hereby requested and required to report to the USS Vanguard, Prometheus Class, in a position of your choosing, as per Starfleet Reserve Activation clause.

    Currently, the Vanguard has been assigned to pursue the Starship Tesla to deal with the latter ship’s theft. You are to join the crew of the Vanguard and assist her Commanding Officer in any and all ways required of you.

    Your mission profile will include:

    Exploring strange new worlds
    Meeting new civilizations
    Defending the Federation from those who seek to destroy it
    Socialising with other members of the crew.
    Writing excellent material with other excellent writers.
    Having fun.

    Signed, Rear Admiral Jason Foster

    The USS Vanguard is based out of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 72. Many of the chief officer position are open so act fast before they all fill up. The website is Please check us out and hope to be writing with you soon!

    Our current mission is called Shaking Off the Dust.

    The Vanguard has been cleared to leave dry dock on her shakedown cruise, a very necessary thing for new starships or starships that have recently been refitted. During this cruise the warp engines will be tested as will weapon systems and the multi vector assault mode. During the warp engine test, an anomaly forms in the intermix chamber causing the Vanguard to accelerate uncontrollably resulting in her veering off course to a system not regularly ventured. It is in this system where the vanguard and hew crew will meet their first test and failure means utter destruction.

    Our Mission progress thus far:

    The Vanguard has suffered a massive warp core failure the likes of which nearly caused a warp core breach. The dilithium crystals are nothing but powder now and the ship is stuck in an area of high subspace interference making long range communication impossible. By luck a missing starfleet science ship, the USS Fawkes, has been found 3 kilometers off the ships bow. The only means of escape now rely on an away mission to the Fawkes to retrieve its dilithium crystals as well as other vital ship components damaged in the mishap.

    Below are the positions still open:

    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Marine Commanding Officer
    and all of the Assistant Chief positions

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    Hi, Alexander. I just took a look at the page for this sim, as I am always looking out ideas to steal--- er, borrow. One note - when posting a request for players, it is useful to describe the type of game (SIM, RPG, LARP, whatever) and if applicable, the rules set used.

    Some other notes: I noticed the CO of the ship is a mere LCdr, and most of the department heads are Lt(jg)s. This seems very low for one of Starfleet's newest cruiser classes, A cruiser is usually commanded by a Capt, or at least a Cdr, and the department heads are usually of at least LCdr rank. In the real world, anyway, and also on televised Star Trek. I realise this probably reflects the players' own rankings in the sim community, but characters should not reflect non-game stuff like that. The premise does sound interesting and I look forward to ripp--- um borrowing details from it.

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