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Thread: The Martian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen E Oulton View Post
    This You Tube posting is worth watching: If you're watching the movie without reading the book, you're missing lots of the story.
    Sounds like they got it quite close for being a movie. After all, there is a reason I tend to use the term "Hollywood realism" when I'm talking about "realistic" stuff for role playing games

    I guess I should put the book to my reading list.

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    Finally got to see this film. Loved it, I will probably end up buying the DVD and reading the original book.

    I can't quite judge how accurate the science was since it's far from my field of expertise, but one thing I'm sure of is that you don't need to directly connect your laptop to a supercomputer to run a computation on it (I'm not even sure that's possible anyway). That was the one thing actually in my field of expertise
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