[hailing frequencies open]

This is Fleet Admiral David Adah, Commanding Fleet 52nd of the United Federation of Planets. Simply wanted to extend a hand of invitation out to those who would be interested walking the decks of an ever on going mission of exploration and adventure across the stars.

We currently have five active vessels awaiting crew in a post-"The Next Generation - All Good Things" universe, with a secret sixth experimental prototype vessel in the making. Plus more ships to be commissioned. We have plenty of room on each vessel and the RPG is set up on a blog which is restricted except to specific users. Captain's will typically "GM" their own vessels as a leader so Captain positions will be chosen most carefully.

Available positions for each vessel:

Captain: [unassigned]
First Officer: [unassigned]
Chief Operations: [unassigned]
Chief Medical Officer: [unassigned]
Chief Security/Tactical: [unassigned]
Science Officer: [unassigned]
Chief Engineer: [unassigned]
ShipCounselor: [unassigned]
Navigation: [unassigned]

If you are interested, please use the following setup to create a character (and/or ask questions) and email it to [aetuxbe@hotmail.com]:

Name: [Adah, David Triton]
Current Rank: [Fleet Admiral] [GM]

Fleet Assignment: [Fleet 52nd]


Race: [Terran, Klingon, Vulcan]
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Build: [Proportional and Toned], [skinny and athletic]

Father: [name and living/deceased status]
Mother: [name and living/deceased status]

HISTORY: [small paragraph or more]
PERSONALITY: [small paragraph or more]
FATAL FLAW: [full sentence or more]


Thank you for your consideration with StarTrek Phoenix BLOGRPG and we look forward to receiving your character profile application.

Let's Star Trek!
David Adah

PS. A special thank you to the GM, helpers and crew of the USS Lionheart RPG. Looking forward to it's continuing mission!