Here's the summary to our second session. Unlike the last episode, this one wasn't based much on any of LUG's published adventures. Instead, I took a couple assets from the "Fragile Peace" Neutral Zone book and cast them into an entirely different story. Let me know what you think of the results!

Episode 2: ‘Old Icons’

The Fearless traveled to Psellus III, where they had reason to believe a Tal Shiar operative known as Proteus was staging some kind secret operation. Upon beaming down to the Psellan capital city, word of their arrival spread quickly. A faction of Romulan sympathizers set off a pair of billitrium explosives in the crowded plaza adjacent to the main government administration building, an act of terrorism to protest what they viewed as Federation meddling in Psellan affairs.

The crew investigated the attacks and found that Romulan sympathies on Psellus III ran deep and dated back a couple centuries to a time when the world was a Romulan client state. But the Romulan motive to maintain a covert presence on the backward, polluted planet remained a mystery.

The Fearless crew managed to trace pro-Romulan pirate radio transmissions to a seemingly desolate mountaintop. They beamed an away team to the location and found a handful of Romulans and a Psellan maintaining some sort of archaeological dig inside a cave near the mountain’s peak.

The crew stunned the Romulan agents in a firefight and investigated the archaeological site. As Dr. Vasor approached the cave, a telepathic voice intruded into her thoughts. At the same time, a portal in the center of the cave chamber’s floor that the Romulans couldn’t seem to unlock opened for the Starfleet officers.

Most of the away team descended a spiral staircase to find a humanoid child, a girl with mechanical eyes calling herself ‘Conduit,’ awaiting them. Jak vin Karka decided to remain in the upper chamber to go through the Romulans’ computer files to see what they were doing on Mount Soverin. She found a wealth of archaeological data and academic journals related to the ancient Iconians.

Conduit seemed to take little interest in the away team, telling them that she had to get ‘home’ to fight ‘the enemy.’ She displayed an ability to control the away team’s equipment, including their phasers and tricorders. She appeared to command a shuttlecraft to leave the Fearless. Conduit beamed up to the shuttle and warped away in the direction of the Neutral Zone. At the same time, she temporarily disabled the engines aboard the Fearless to keep the crew from following her.