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    Star Trek Fan Films

    Info on latest efforts and news.

    Star Trek New Voyages has added two recent eps. MIND SIFTER from a short story and last week THE HOLIEST THING.
    USS Enterprise gets new nacelles (I think they get destroyed in next ep so out of sequence). Both eps feature new Kirk. To me the actor resembles Michael Biehn so I keep expecting Aliens, terminators and SEALs coming out of the woodwork.

    ST: Renegades announced Nichelle Nichols has joined the cast. Hopefully fully recovered from stroke!

    ST: Axanar is being sued by CBS/Paramount for infringement. Allegedly they plan to make a profit. Cast includes Richard Hatch, Gary Graham, J.G. Hertzler. Both Bob April and Garth are in cast with Soval.

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    Another new Trek film released late January.

    Star Trek Horizon

    Aboard NX class USS Discovery in the Romulan War.

    I didn't like it (but it is watchable) well acted, good effects. It is heavily tied into ENTERPRISE so if you are a fan you'll think this is great! I did let out a cheer at one scene.

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    Are those digital sets? Man, this looks really good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tatterdemalion King View Post
    Are those digital sets? Man, this looks really good.
    Costumes look very amateurish. Not even up to ComicCon standards, especially the big wing collars on the uniforms...

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    I wonder what the ENT uniforms were actually made out of. You definitely notice the texture more in HD though.
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    Yes the Horizon uniforms looked 'off.'

    Latest Farragut episode was released in Feb and not officially yet on the web. Here it is.
    Don't miss the entire final credits, special 'Easter Egg' occurs in them.

    I watched the entire Starship Farragut series today.

    Old and bad actors. Good scripts.

    Awesome the latest, THE CROSSING, same old decrepit actors but they've dumped the bad part. Ep blew me away it was so good.

    Farraguts next Ep is Homecoming, it ends the series. A new one will be set in Wrath of Khan era.

    Farragut Films joined SAG. Now their productions can use Hollywood pros, it shows as does STAR TREK CONTINUES, both filmed on same sets.

    However there is a feeling that the Axanar lawsuit will cause the end of fan productions.

    Meanwhile Paramounts new film ST BEYOND is a disaster as many said after seeing the trailer. Paramount is RESHOOTING the film and added a major new character from '24' Shohreh Aghdashloo. Allegedly it will still get June release.
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    Axanar fallout.

    Star Trek Horizon was 'advised' by CBS to go away with sequel plan. They have complied.

    Vic Mignogna can no longer raise funds for future episodes the donors have fled thanks to fear of CBS/Paramount coming down on future productions.

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    This thread needs updating as a lot has happened in the last 4-5 months:

    CBS/Paramount have set up a set of formal rules for fanfilms under which they will not be sued. The rules are so stringent that they have all but killed Trek fanfilms in anything approaching the type of efforts P2 and Continues has put out. It's basically back to the days of 15 min shorts filmed in someone's basement.

    P2 was the first to shutdown, James said he was tired of it anyways. All those new and improved sets are now licensed through CBS (consolation prise?) as an official "museum" which will be open a few months every year for tours.

    Some of Vic's production team have hinted that Continues may be allowed to finish the 4 eps left in their pipeline by special arrangement with the studio, but no confirmation/details have been forthcoming.

    Alec the Ego is still insisting that there is a chance that Axanar will still be made. Some of his supporters are promising a "surprise twist" in the case within the next few months. Nothing we've not heard before and it hasn't happened so far. the Axanar team is still making the con circuit and is still welcomed warmly at many venues.

    The fallout from the whole Axanar mess is spreading to other franchises. The long-awaited Browncoats: Independence War project will or has had it's last con screening and will NOT go into general release on You Tube as previously promised because the producers fear a lawsuit of their own.

    There are scattered (and as yet unconfirmed) reports of various webpages and other fan projects also getting C&D requests, both within Trek and within other fandoms.

    In other words: it's a frakking mess. Alec Peters should be run out of the fan community.

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