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Thread: JJ-Trek resources?

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    JJ-Trek resources?

    Has anybody done a fan-book for the recent Trek films (or at least stats)?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Not to the best of my knowledge. There may be some writeups for some of the ships in the SpaceDock! Forum. If you or anyone else produces a netbook for the reboot universe (now officially dubbed the Kelvin Timeline by Paramount), I'll gladly host it at Memory: ICON.

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    If I can get some free time I'll give the JJ verse ships a try
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    Just posted the Spacedock 'Jellyfish' over in ICON...
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    Going to be a tough project, since the film production team is filled with Treknological illiterates who don't even bother to do basic fact checking.

    Plus, thanks to timeline pollution, the tech is 100 years ahead of where it should be (transwarp/slipsteam drive, etc).

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