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Thread: Star Trek Adventures

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    As of today, the PDF of the Core Rulebook is available on for a shade over $15. I have had my PDF for a little over a week (got it via the preorder) and have actually run the game twice. I really like this game. The book is amazing; beautiful design with great art throughout.

    I preordered too (one of the PDF collection offers), but after that runs its course prices like that could get mighty tempting when I'm not looking for a hardcover version.

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    For those curious, who don't follow me on Facebook, I wrote a small part of the core rulebook: Chapter 2.3, "The Twenty-Third Century," and several of the sidebars in the timeline. Those were Edith Keeler's diary entry, Kirk's letter to Will Decker, Richard Daystrom's acceptance speech, and an admiral on Utopia Planitia talking about cloaking devices. I also had one other sidebar, in the "Conflict" chapter, where Mara discusses fighting Humans.

    I think the book is gorgeous, and I'm thoroughly delighted to be a part of it.
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    Yeah, Patrick, it is a gorgeous book. I was surprised by all the artwork, and yet there are no images taken directly from any of the series.

    I'm going over the rules. I kinda like the refit rules for starships. I'm thinking that the various "subclasses" we've seen in fandom could be treated as sort of "refit packages".

    I'm worried that phasers are too underpowered though. It looks like they got nerfed.

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